Megha BradleyI don’t have an “ordinary” story to tell you about. I don’t come with a long list of degrees to adorn this page. I didn’t hire someone to write a polished biography about me in the third person.

If you are looking for a short answer:

I’m a life coach, business strategist and speaker with 20 years experience in the world of entrepreneurship including professional massage therapy, broadband internet, software development and social media.  My focus is helping businesses and individuals to strategically align life purpose with the necessary systems and structures to create success based on their desired outcomes.

I am a member of BNI (Business Networking International) and FemCity Women’s Networking.

If you are looking for a more soul felt answer: 

What I come with to serve you is real life. A story of perseverance, faith and ultimately transformation. I bring to you proof of the incredible potential of not succumbing to life’s circumstances and instead reframing the story as you see fit.

The Melting Pot

The most common question I get is “where are you from?” – I am a combination of races, religions and experiences that today equip me with understanding, insight and a place in the conversation about how to transform a hurting world divided by the identity gaps between so many.

As a child, my built-in racial and religious diversity made me the bullied kid, the left out choice and the person who felt like no one was like me. I came to discover that this actually helped me have greater awareness of what drives the core conversation of diversity and what we must do to bridge the misconceptions that create division.

The Critical Thinker

Before the age of 11, I did not attend school. I was unschooled/homeschooled. I was largely isolated from society and developed a voracious appetite for self-learning and critical thinking supported by countless hours in the local library. Today, this hunger of knowledge has continually fueled my drive for not only learning, but for building a business and in following theories in the healing work modalities I now do.

Former “Victim” and “Survivor” 

Thanks for a childhood that could qualify for a made-for-TV-movie, I experienced years of deep childhood abuse and trauma. For many years of my adult life this would remain untreated and ultimately become the foundation on which my journey into personal development began in 2006 and led to the discoveries of the healing modalities that I now use in my work as a Scientific Hand Analyst, DNA Activation ThetaHealer® and strong advocate for the transformational work of a relatively new science called epigenetics. Through my own journey, I have tested and proven 12 years of mindset, belief and human potential work.

In 2014, after surviving a near death experience that left me unable to freely walk for over 3 months, I was given yet another opportunity to apply and expand my understanding of the power of affirmative thinking, faith and the power of our own minds in the healing process.

Righting the course of my healing journey would cost me in the area of relationships including divorce and family loss and ultimately give me priceless insight into the key drivers that motivate intimacy, commitment and self-love.

Seasoned Entrepreneur

As the child of entrepreneurs, my journey began when I was 8 years old as I worked in the family candle making facility and decorative art business.  I went on to pursue my own Avon representative business at age 14.

At the age of 21, I dropped out of college while on a Presidential Scholarship in Psychology, to pursue a business opportunity because I didn’t like my odds of being an employee.

I would end up taking a a very valuable diversion into corporate life as a Human Resources Assistant and Benefits administrator for large corporations such as Texas Instruments, Nokia and Bechtel.

Collectively, over the course of the last 20 years, my entrepreneur journey has been long and varied including massage therapy clinics, retail products, internet technology, software development and social media coaching.

Today, I combine all of the years of experience of corporate, therapeutic and entrepreneurial life to bring my clients comprehensive and strategic guidance in business or personal development.

Lets Talk Life Purpose…

Knowing my purpose for being in this life – SAVED MY LIFE!

My personal mission is to directly contribute to the transformation of one million or more lives impacted by generational poverty and/or abuse and help them create a new possibility that can ripple forward into future generations.

I am here as a mother of two young boys, to help shift the understanding of how we see potential in our children and the concepts of parenting them to be out-of-the-box thinkers, creators and innovators.

I am gifted at creative expression in the spotlight which is why you’d want me to be on your stage or in front of your team speaking to them or encouraging them to find their own path to creative self expression.

And last but not least, I am able to see patterns, cycles and the strategic systems and structures necessary to overcome challenges that may not seem so easy to solve.

I’d love to have the opportunity to connect with you and find out how I can help you or your organization.