ACTIVATE Abundance Workshop ONLINE

October 16-17, 2020

Tune into your purpose. Access your abundance. 

Let 2020 be the year you stop letting the external circumstance distract you from your internal compass for success. All that you need to rewrite your story of this year is within you already. 

 Hi, I'm Megha Bradley and I help you line up your life so that you can create what you've always wanted to manifest and achieve.

Knowing my life purpose literally saved my life. As a business owner and healer for over 20 years, I have created this program as a way to help you expand your life potential with ease and grace even if things haven't always been easy or graceful!

Given the state of the world we face today, now more than ever, you can prosper and curate a life of joy and abundance when you learn to let go of what doesn't work and use the God-given gifts you carry within you. 


Two Days Of Experiential Learning + An Amazing Bonus Course 

Invest these two days in yourself and you will discover indelible truths about your unique blueprint for living that you can immediately begin to apply in your life. 

Additionally, because I am so committed to you living a life on purpose, as a BONUS you will also get to discover your top five passions through the amazing work of The Passion Test® created by Janet Attwood and use this incredible focus work to create a container for focus and momentum in every area of your life and career as an additional course. 

After registering you will select the workshop option that best fits your schedule either 10/14 or 10/31 or a future date.

A Course To Unlock Your Abundance Blueprint

Abundance is a broad word, but whether you want an abundance of creativity, freedom, love, options and more, you must understand how to activate the spiritual laws of abundance to manifest in life. 

Strategy and ideas are only as good as the ease of execution. Some of you are given poor blueprints or paradigms about your personal success or your potential to achieve what you truly desire. Maybe you feel "too old" OR you feel like 2020 has just done you in OR you feel like no matter what you do it's not enough to really make a difference. 

Enough of the external circumstances! This workshop is about tapping into the internal resources that give you the power to be, do and have all that you fully intend and desire. 

Module 1


Reignite your intentional creativity to increase your abundance flow

Module 2


Discover the scientific laws of motion that drive your success

Module 3


Ignite the catalysts of change to shift the roadblocks to your goals

Module 4


Create a 60 day vision plan to carry you through the rest of the year

Module 5

Tribe and Team

Defy the limitations of our current times to create meaningful bonds

Module 6


Identify your strategic roadmap to attracting financial abundance

1 focus. 2 days. 6 modules. 

Write a triumphant ending to your 2020 story!

In the course of history the times when things have been challenging to many have proven to be opportunities for immense growth and forward momentum for others. If this year has proven to be frustrating, confusing or forced you to navigate life in new ways, use this as the perfect timing to rethink abundance, freedom and prosperity on YOUR terms. When you do that, you can change the circumstances of your life path and you also create the opportunity to serve more people because of your own level of success. 

For myself and my ideal clients we are here to light the candle to keep the bright light shining even when times seem challenging. Use these moments to your advantage to change what's needed to change, because there's no point of power greater than the present moment!

What some of my previous clients and attendees are saying...

Thank you Megha and your angel helpers for an insightful weekend. I will certainly encourage others to join you as you share your talents and your healing gifts with fellow cosmic travelers.


Soul GPS Retreat Attendee

I've been to more than a few workshops and retreats, so I feel well qualified to say that Megha did an excellent job delivering content, pacing  material, and handling the diverse personalities in the group.  

For me, there was a ton of brand new information.  She was  focused on getting us to the meat of what was presented, getting to the crucial clarity of "what this means to me is..."


Past Workshop Attendee

Make a difference while you learn...

Expand your horizons and know that your ticket is helping someone who needs a hand up! $20 of every registration to this event will be donated to Barnabas Vision in Murfreesboro TN.  Barnabas Vision is a local organization that focuses on creating sustainable change for people impacted with homelessness, domestic violence and poverty. I have chosen to support them because they most align with my vision of creating long-term transformation in the areas of generational poverty and abuse. 

Megha Bradley

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