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Self Love By Design
Women's Day Retreat
Saturday 2.2.2020

Murfreesboro TN 

Dedicate a day to reconnecting to the deep, intuitive knowing you have of who you truly are and build a vision map for putting yourself first. 

$197 - Just Yourself

$247 - You + Someone You Care About

Curious if this day retreat is for you?

Grab 15 minutes on my calendar and let's discuss


discover the soul message in your hands

Learn how to fully embrace your personality traits that determine how you give and receive love that's displayed in your hands

vision board

Build a self love vision map

Visual is memorable. Create a reminder you can see every day of the commitments you are making for your own well being. 


create sisterhood with others on your path

Make new friends and find new, empowering connections to foster your personal path 

Your success or failure in mastering self love impacts every other relationship in your life

Discover the missing insight to your personal power that you will not find, no matter how many feel good quotes your read or inspirational shows you's literally in your cells and it's easily accessible through the work we do together.

Why To Invest In The Day

In this day you will leave with indelible knowledge and insight about yourself that has been with you since birth. 

You will spend this day increasing your understanding of self and how to navigate the other relationships in your life in such a way that it becomes easier and more joyful simply by tapping your innate and intuitive guidance system.

After our day together, you'll also have a place to continue sharing your victories or insights in a free private FB community of others who have attended this workshop.

Hi I'm Megha Bradley...

I help you fall in love with the most important person in your life...YOU!

Sadly, it can almost become a revolutionary act to put ourselves first. 

On an average as moms, business owners, wives/girlfriends, community leaders, mentors or whatever other hats we wear, the concept that we become the number one priority is not only daunting to manage, it may be loaded with shame, guilt or burdensome responsibility that makes self love a great drop phrase, but rarely a true state of being that we enjoy. (full transparency I still navigate this even after years of personal growth).

I created this day retreat based off of the extensive work I do with individuals, as well as, the continual learning I get as an ambitious business woman and single mom. 

I am an experienced spiritual healer, speaker and strategist highly trained in specific scientific tools that allow me to take you into the deepest knowledge of who you are and your purpose for living. When you attend one of my workshops you step into an immersion experience to align your life and your soul. 

Refund Policy: If you cancel within 3 days of the event start (by 8am on 2.19.2020) you can receive a full refund OR you can transfer your payment to a private session service. You can also transfer your ticket to someone else if you notify us by 8am on Friday 2.21.2020). If we should cancel the event you will receive a full refund within 24 hours of the event cancellation. 

Mental Health Policy: Our retreats are for personal improvement and transformation. The general insight and information in group settings is for the collective audience. Please use discernment in all circumstance to choose strategies and actions in alignment with your best good.  If you should need a licensed professional mental health professional we can refer you to someone. If you are under the care of a therapist, please notify that professional and Megha Bradley privately so that we are aware of how you need to be supported to secure your highest and best path to healing.

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